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Cellulite treatment

Cellulite is a popular term to describe fat deposits under the skin. Cellulite is thought to occur in 80-90% of post-pubertal females. It is characterized by a dimpled or orange-peel appearance due to structural changes underneath the skin’s top layer. Cellulite is a perfectly normal and a harmless condition; however, it is a cosmetic concern to many people. The most important causes of cellulite are: genetics, Hormone changes, diet, predisposing factors, and lifestyle.

Treatment of cellulite is only possible through advanced technological and dermatological expertise. At Lucia Aesthetic and Dermatology Center, we individualize our treatments to the standards of the latest international technological  developments.

The different treatment strategies we use are:

  • Thermage MRF (Monopolar Radio Frequency),
  • Viora (Bipolar Radio Frequency),
  • Mesotherapy cocktails,
  • Needle free mesotherapy,
  • Lypolysis,
  • Combination of treatments.