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Infusion™ Needle-free Mesotherapy

Infusion™ Electro- Mesotherpay

Needle-free Alternative

Infusion™ Electro- mesotherapy is the safe, no needle alternative to traditional mesotherapy. It offers all the benefits of mesotherapy with none of the risks. Infusion™ revitalizes the skin with enriching solutions that leave it feeling supple, refreshed and radiant. Based on the well established science of electroporation, Infusion™ maximizes cell permeability and absorption and enhances the overall appearance of the face and body.

Infusion™ offers the perfect, non invasive solution to a wide variety of cosmetic conditions and significantly expands treatment options with such aesthetic mainstay as:

  • Anti ageing
  • Collagen regeneration
  • Skin hydration
  • Skin firming and toning
  • Body sculpting and cellulite reduction
  • Stretch mark reduction

The science behind Needle-free Mesotherapy

The Infusion™ Ionwave™ increases skin permeability to allow the safe passage of natural healing compounds. Precisely crafted pulse waves temporarily open micro- channels through the cell membrane to bypass the stratum corneum layer without puncturing the skin.


1. When the Ionwave™ properties come into contact with the cell they begin the structural rearrangement of the lipid bilayer to form micro pores in the cell membrane

2. As the gatekeepers to the cell, mirco –channels  enable or restrict the passage of natural nutritional compounds and extracts. Micro channels are short lived and reseal soon after compounds are delivered.


The Infusion™ can be used as a stand- alone treatment, we at Lucia like to combine it together with other treatments as it is the perfect complement to any standard aesthetic procedure such as peeling, exfoliation and can even be used with needle mesotherapy for optimum the results. Infusion™ offers a comfortable and convenient solution for our patients skin care needs.

Will it hurt?
We’re telling it like it is: this is a pain-free safe alternative. No downtime.
You can get the treatment done during your lunch hour and then head back to work. Your skin will be rejuvenated as the solutions contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidtants that will promote the production of collagen and elastin. Be prepared to receive flattering compliments on your skin’s youthful glowing appearance upon your return to work.
You may feel a prickly sensation during the treatment which will actually feel like your skin is being massaged.

How often should I have the treatment?
Although you will definitely see visible results after your first treatment, the effects of mesotherapy infusion are cumulative and a series of 4-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart is recommended to start with maintenance treatments every 6-8 weeks